Green Skills For Cities

Training for Trainers

The Training for Trainers Programme enables trainers to develop transdisciplinary educational formats for learners. The programme includes educational resources aimed at enhancing the transdisciplinary skills of the trainers. This will include descriptions of the basic concepts, terminology, and fundamentals of each discipline, and the teaching pedagogy and methodology. 


The Training for Trainers resources can be found in the Resources tab of the website. Here you can ask for access to the Online Repository and get an overview of the resources created. These resources have also been put to the test by the Green Skill for Cities Trainers! 

Having studied the Training for Trainers material, the project partners took part in a version of the Design Game, implementing the knowledge they had learnt from the different disicplines. A case study was chosen next to the University of Genoa to be able to conduct interviews and visit the site. Divided into two groups, the Trainers worked towards developing two proposals before learning to pitch. The activity culminated in a pitching contest where each group was given 3 minutes to communicate their ideas. 

In addition, to further test the knowledge aquired about the Botany dimension, the botanists of the University of Genoa organised a scavenger hunt in the Botanical Gardens. The Trainers had to use their knowledge aquired as well as their pratical skills to assess and make conclusions about different species of plants. Check out the highlights below!