Green Skills For Cities

Long-term Programme

The Long-Term Programme aims to create a transdisciplinary educational format embedded in each of the participating Educational Institutions academic programmes. Learners are selected from each Educational Institution, forming them into professionals capable of working within municipalities and public bodies on urban sustainability enhancement through the implementation of nature-based solutions. The students will be involved in theoretical and practical modules, working transnationally towards addressing urban challenges.

More updates coming in 2023 as the programme is launched within the higher education institutions! 

Long-term Programme Structure

The Long-Term Programme is structured in two modules. First the leaners will take part in a theoretical module where they will receiving training within their higher education institution as well as resources to study from other other disciplines. Using the Flip-teaching methodology, the learners will be asked to study the material beforehand and then sessions will be arrange to answer any doubts.

The second phase will be a practical exercise where the learners will come together and form transdisciplinary groups. They will work on a series of case studies to develop nature-based solutions within a series of public spaces, addressing the urban challenges highlighted by the stakeholders. The learners will receive support from the trainers as well as feedback from the stakeholders.

Are you curious to know how four disiciplines come together to develop innovative solutions for our cities? Then check out the curricula and resources that will be made a available shortly!