Green Skills For Cities

Short-term Programme

The Short-Term Programme develops a one week training aimed at creating lifelong learning. The aim is to introduce participants to the key concepts related to urban sustainability and the implementation of nature-based solutions. Through practical exercises, the learners will gain a greater understanding of theory. The learners will be involved in a transdisciplinary theoretical module and a practical module, developing a project addressing local urban challenges.

The workshop has taken place at WU Vienna, IAAC Barcelona, & UNIGE Genoa simultaneously to allow for cross-border working and sharing of ideas. All participants will work on a case study in Barcelona bringing their disciplines expertise.

Short-term Programme Structure

During the one week long workshop, learners from different disiciplines took part in a cross-boarder and transdisciplinary workshop. The experimental format allowed for students to work together online to develop innovative solutions for the site in Barcelona, El Parque de las Glories in Barcelona. The learners recieved materials to review from the different disciplines, before taking part in in class activities to test their understanding. 

Below are a series of images from the different institutions of the workshop.

4 innovative nature-based solutions were developed in less than 3 days! Check out the results below!

Are you curious to know how four disiciplines come together to develop innovative solutions for our cities? Then check out the curricula, resources, and results below.